What Syllabus Week Really Means

Endless Tabling

Walking on campus by the West Mall is almost impossible with the endless number of tablers trying to recruit you to their organization. The best strategy to avoid any interaction is headphones in and eyes down and hopefully you can make it to class without being forced to grab a flyer.

Crowded Gym

Three weeks into the new year and people are still sticking to their new years resolutions. This means the gym is packed and it’s almost impossible to find a machine at a reasonable time. Good news for you night owls Gregory Gym is open until 1 am Sunday-Thursday so the odds of getting a machine are in your favor at that hour.

Internal debate to buy textbooks or not

We all ask ourselves the same questions, “Do I really need to buy the textbook for this class?” Although the professor says it’s required or highly recommended, how likely is it that we will use it? The worst part about buying a textbook is realizing at the end of the semester that you barely used it and it’s not even worth selling back.

New classes

The first day jitters. The fear of showing up to the wrong classroom and being that person that tries to slyly leave after the professor asks if everyone is in the right class. This is also where you can scope out who is going to be your new study buddy.

Last semester to use Blackboard

We’ve all seen the countdown. Syllabus week is just one more reminder that this is the last semester Blackboard will be available. Regardless of where your allegiances lie, I think we will all be happy to see the transition happen.